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000 This is Directional

Updated: May 9, 2023

Videogames and the Creative Rebellion

Time for introductions! Hi, hello, g’day, czesc!

We are Chantal and Jörg, your hosts, and Paul, your producer. We’re delighted to make your acquaintance—read about us here.

We’re making this podcast because we want to build a world we want to live in. As makers of games (and film, and audio, and books, too) we acknowledge our industry too often acts in a way that prevent us from doing that, rather than providing the solution.

We’ve chosen to talk about it, and to suggest paths of living and making that take a different direction.

The way we’ve chosen to talk about it is to talk to artists, philosophers, writers, designers, engineers, poets, cartoonists, and game-makers, about what they do, and how they see the world. As we’re game-makers ourselves, we’re looking at everything through that lens, even when we're talking to (say) cartoonists.

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